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Ghent (deJuristen Gent), Brussels (lesJuristes Bruxelles), Amsterdam (deJuristen Amsterdam) and Paris (lesJuristes Paris). Berlin (dieJuriste) and Budapest (theJurists Magyarország) are set to open in 2017. If you want to contact any of the local offices, please click on the location. You will be redirected to the local website.

theJurists is an European based ICT & IP legal firm. We advise medium to large-sized organizations on matters as e-commerce law, privacy, cybercrime, ICT-contracts, trademark law et cetera. And that's why we're here. We believe in an open and shared knowledge. We strongly support a new legal business model, in an international environment and with an up-to-date firm ideology, without national borders. Law should be approachable, easy to understand and relevant for any entrepreneur. That's our mission. theJurists Europe is managed by Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert (managing partner). We're actively hiring a 'local head of legal' in Berlin & Budapest. Don't miss the chance to reform the legal landscape in your own country.


You have a legal issue and looking for a local firm? Or you're passionate about law (and changing it) and looking for a new opportuniy? Send us an email and we will answer back to you as soon as we can.