About theJurists

Intelligent rebels in an outdated legal world.

theJurists Europe is a contemporary legal boutique office and has been a pioneer in digital law for eight years. theJurists believes in digital transformation and artificial intelligence, and works hard on projects that aim at making the law accessible to all. We stand for open, transparent and innovative law.

theJurists is specialised in privacy, digital law, intellectual property law and company law. This means that our jurists can assist you with difficult privacy issues, decipher complex contracts, or provide you with understandable quality legal advice. No complicated lawyer talk at theJurists, but honest and manageable rates. Because that is how we see law, in 2017. Our people are not lawyers, but specialised jurists. Quick, efficient and professional advice or negotiation results – a new look on law. Our legal specialists advice medium to large sized organisations.

All of our people are entrepreneurs first, jurists second. They think with you, take no detours, and deliver immediate results. You should expect more of the legal sector: swift, efficient and professional advice, no matter where you are. That is why theJurists Europe is here.

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Our technology

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The legal product of 2017. For the time being still shrouded under a big NDA veil, but ready to revolutionise the legal market.
Beta expected in June 2017.

Are you an investor or a journalist? Looking for more information or an exclusive preview? Drop us an email at AI@thejurists.eu.

Spectr is your in-house legal guy for all your legal questions. Always available and ready to help you through your favourite Slack application. No more worries, here’s Spectr. http://spectrapp.eu
theJurists Europe is 7/7 and 24/24 available on various chat platforms, such as our own webchat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram (Secure), Whatsapp and Twitter (PM).