theJurists 2017 Brand Strategy

theJurists Europe refreshes its branding strategy and corporate identity after four years.

Four years ago, the idea emerged to expand the existing Belgian office to other European countries. Since the start of our firm in 2010 it has grown a lot, not only in turnover and staffing. Our job in 2017 was to reconcile this newfound maturity of our firm with its rebellious character as an early legal disruptor.

Clients grow and theJurists grew with them. In the spirit of highlighting this growth, as well as our thirst for technological revolution in the legal sector, a makeover of theJurists’ branding became much needed.

Over the course of the next few months, the visual identity and branding strategy will be implemented in the local offices. First up is our new office in London, followed by Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels and finally the founding office in Ghent.


An overview of the history of the visual branding.

theJurists Europe website in 2014

deJuristen Gent website in 2010

deJuristen Gent colour style in 2014

deJuristen Gent website in 2016


Visual identity and branding

theJurists Europe 2017


Logo and typography

The colour style, the proposition as well as the imagery were tackled. The most important change probably concerns our logo. Throughout the years countless versions of the logo have been used, starring the famous bearded man:

The bearded man has proven a very useful logo to start our whole venture. For those who looked more closely, he represented a bit of wisdom combined with youthful enthusiasm. After seven years however, theJurists Europe evolved from a start-up to a scale-up, making this bearded man a little less adapted. Nevertheless, the friendly face has become something of a celebrity on the market, so we decided to keep using the bearded man as our mascot, in our imagery and, of course, on our notorious Jurists beer.

Another disadvantage of the old logo is that throughout the years we used several versions and even different fonts with the logo and on promotion materials. This became a bit of an obstacle for a recognisable and clear brand strategy for theJurists.

We opted for a new, slick font in which our rebellious character acquired a more mature side. This font is Reiju, a clean, feminine, and modern sans serif typeface.

The head fonts used in copy are Dosis (titles) and Lore (subtitles). For texts and longer copy we use the Open Sans family, in order to ensure legibility.

Colour style

The colour style also needed a makeover to reflect and reinforce the maturity of the firm. The earlier versions used a large range of colours; the new versions were limited to rgb 249-248-238 and rgb 255-255-255, complemented with colourful and lively cartoon pop art images.

The new colour style aims at reinforcing the scale-up character through a consistent use of rgb 240-240-240, and rgb 16-16-16 for contrast. This minimalistic style, which exudes tranquillity and peacefulness, will be carried out both online and offline. Through the use of quirky and unconventional imagery, we want to create a stark, challenging contrast with the sober colour style – which is exactly the message theJurists Europe wishes to convey in an outdated legal market. Maturity and knowledge, with a rebellious side and open to technologic disruption.

Brand Promise theJurists Europe

The internationalisation of high-end specialised legal advice, by bringing together values of every local European legal culture. theJurists Europe believes that quality legal advice should be available anytime, simply, and in clear, understandable language. Legal advice should be available 24/7.

For theJurists, technology is essential. By creating new technologic innovations, we not only take the lead in an outdated market, but we also get closer to the core idea behind theJurists Europe: making law accessible again to the people it should serve.

Mission Statement theJurists Europe

Profoundly innovating the market of legal services by means of technology, such as artificial intelligence, and by bringing the inherent qualities of a modern legal player to an international, even global, level. By consciously stepping away from the classic legal profession, theJurists Europe strives to deliver high-end, European, more accessible legal advice.

In 2020 theJurists Europe will be 80% digital player through AI-technology and other innovations. The other 20% will consist of a high-end, highly specialised legal player.

Tone of voice

A high-end, mature visual language, with rebellious elements. Communication happens in a personal, specialised and unconventional way to create a trustworthy and mature feeling about the services offered by theJurists. European legal advice, global but always local, high quality and understandable.