What theJurists can do for you.

Digital law

Digital law is where our jurists belong. Techies and jurists in one package, that is our guarantee.

Intellectual property

Your reputation is invaluable. Protect it. At theJurists Europe, we have a team specialised in IP protection.

Company law

Establish, guide, dissolve and advise companies. Get crucial advice from our company law team.

ICT contracts

Even the most complex ICT contracts are a piece of cake for our jurists. From technical to commercial aspects, you can count on us.

E-commerce law

General terms and conditions, privacy policies and cookie policies. From standard documents to perfectly tailored solutions.

Trademark protection

Your trademark is invaluable. Protect it. At theJurists Europe, we have a team specialised in IP protection.

Quality label

Create digital trust with a quality label of theJurists Europe, which you can put up on your website or webshop.

GDPR Compliance

theJurists Europe will gladly assist you with audits and compliance with regard to the new GDPR rules.


Done skillfully, audits will save you money instead of costing you money. Count on us.

Conflict resolution

No one likes long and strenuous lawsuits. theJurists Europe believes in mediation. A fraction of the costs, a fraction of the time.

Hire us

Need an extra in-house jurist in the short term? Don’t hesitate. Our specialists adapt quickly and efficiently to your organisation.

Logo protection

Your logo deserves its very own protection, just like your trademark. Count on our IP specialists. We make your reputation our business.

Software protection

theJurists Europe loves code. And software developers. Don’t take any unnecessary risks and check out your options for protection.


Developed a 3D model or a 2D drawing and seeking to commercialise it? Best to register and protect it first. We are here to help.

Guidance for ideas

Did you figure out the Next Big Thing? Make sure your idea can’t be stolen from you. theJurists Europe can help you with the implementation of your idea.
If you are looking for legal advisers that can honestly and rightly answer “yes” to the question “do you know anything about ICT (law)”, theJurists Europe is the place to go. They know what a cloud is, how intangible the internet is, and what the difference is between a user and a provider. This ensures that their advice and their work can actually be used immediately by an Uptime-as-a-Service provider like ourselves (additional advantage: I did not have to explain first what it is that we do).

David Geens

theJurists Europe is a team that has perfectly adapted itself to the world of e-commerce. They are flexible, fast, and completely informed about both national and international law. Mostly, I appreciated their very personal approach and their rigorous follow-up. theJurists Europe is a real tower of strength when it comes to dealing with tight deadlines and technically complex matter.

Sam Delegrange


We were always able to count on theJurists Europe for a smooth and customer-friendly cooperation. They show a great deal of flexibility, speed and availability, which is something you don’t often find in the legal sector. We relied upon theJurists Europe for various important brands and we were always properly advised and assisted throughout the entire process. The cooperation went really well thanks to their responsive employees and their transparent way of communicating.

Bart Verbeelen

Hotel Hungaria,

I was having a conflict with my ex-employer, so I sent an email to theJurists Europe on Saturday and I asked them for advice. On Sunday, I already received an answer by mail and on Monday they called me up to obtain some more information. At the end of the day the legal advice was in my mailbox. On Tuesday, I could already express my thanks to theJurists Europe because my ex-employer admitted he was wrong. This way, I managed to avoid legal proceedings (and the related costs). If you are looking for fast, transparent and honest advice: contact theJurists Europe!

Stijn Martens

Needle Strategy,
theJurists Europe helped us out in an efficient, fast and pleasant manner with drafting crystal clear texts for our website and our web shop, as well as a tailored license contract. We are very pleased about their service and we strongly recommend them!

Yen Drenth

LSG Europe