theJurists Europe is a contemporary legal boutique office and has been a pioneer in digital law for eight years. theJurists believes in digital transformation and artificial intelligence, and works hard on projects that aim at making the law accessible to all. We stand for open, transparent and innovative law.

Technology will radically change the legal landscape in the coming years. A change of power. By 2020 theJurists Europe aspires to be 80% technology company, 20% specialised high-end legal player in terms of digital law, intellectual property and company law.

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Our technology

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Lee & Ally

With Lee & Ally, theJurists Europe launched the first artificially intelligent B2B chatbot in Europe. For now, the beta version of Lee & Ally is only available in Flanders. Flemish entrepreneurs get access to a personal legal counsel who provides clear answers to their questions 24/7. On the basis of the feedback of users, the robot grows smarter every day. First month subscription is free!

Spectr is your free in-house legal counsel in the popular messaging application Slack. Teams can add Spectr as new team member and get free answers to their most pressing legal questions and issues. Install Spectr today via
Smooch & Chatlio

At theJurists, chat is slowly replacing phone calls and classic email. Through a collaboration between SmoochSpectr and Chatlio theJurists can be reached via webchat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram (Secure) and other platforms.

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